Bishop D. Houston Standing

Greetings to all the Saints and welcome to our website. The Lord has blessed our labor and we give him the glory.

I sincerely believe that God has placed the Church of God In Christ into a position of prominence for such a time as this.  I also believe that the ministry of our church relates to the needs of the world today.  Considering the ills that plague our society and the impotent solutions offered, our church is in a unique position for ministry.

God is saying to us, Let your light shine, Let the world know that there is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole.  The role of the church is to represent Christ in the world today and to make disciples for Christ.  God is truly saying to us “Let the Church be the Church.” May our time together be filled with Holy Ghost power and spiritual renewal for the Saints.

Bishop David R. Houston
Jurisdictional Prelate




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